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Living Books List

A list of living books for all ages and reading levels, organized and searchable.
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What are living books?
Living books are well-written, interesting books, offering the reader rich stories instead of silly or empty fluff. Living books teach about life, character and the human spirit.
How to use the Living Books List
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Who am I?
I'm Amy, a reluctant homeschooler. I didn't intend to homeschool my kids, but a less-than-ideal school situation prompted us to consider it. I was terrified at first, with visions of tiny desks in a dank basement and me standing at a blackboard all day. Then a friend said, “Oh no, all you have to do is read.” That statement changed everything.
We made trips to the library and checked out dozens of books at a time (multiple library cards made it possible). We spent our days together on the couch, reading, reading, reading. Living books saved me. I hold them entirely responsible for educating my 4 kids in their younger years.